Non-Sports Trading Card Collector Resources

Article Archive
Non-Sport news, commentaries and features from Times of Legend and Lore.
Guide to Non-Sports Trading Card Collecting
Practical guide to the fascinating world of non-sports trading card collecting. Beginning collectors will find valuable information including a glossary of terms.
Box Breakdown
Commons, Inserts, Ratios and Reject Results.
Where Can I Find Those Promos?
The origins of all those Star Wars promos.

Trading Card Sites of Interest

AB's Comic and Nonsport Cards
Comic Card & Sticker Checklists
Card Zine
Europe's trading card fanzine on the web
Civil War News Trading Cards
Dedicated to those trading cards which proliferated the market in the early 1960's and their creators
Classic Star Wars
Attempting to be the ultimate visual reference for Star Wars trading cards, it will eventually include images of every card, sticker, wrapper, and box that Topps issued for the U.S. market.
Franklyn Cards
"Probably the best resource for cigarette cards in Cyberspace"
Jeff Allender's House of Checklists
"We try to maintain the largest and best listings for all of those non-sports cards (fantasy art, comic art, entertainment, science fiction, nostalgia, fine art, and novelty cards) you've been searching for, now that Mom no longer makes you throw them out."
Jim's Vintage Nonsport Slideshow
Mars Attacks
Enter a world of terrifying Martians wielding powerful weapons, whose sole purpose is to take over our Earth and claim it for their own! But be forewarned: they almost destroyed our planet once... this time they may succeed!
Monster Cards (monsterwax)
Extensive list of Sci-fi & Horror cards.
Monster Cards (horrorcards)
Monster cards of the 1950's and 1960's - A guide to classic monster cards of yesterday
The Official Odd Rods Web Site
"Welcome to the Official Odd Rod Stickers Page!! Guaranteed to stir up some old memories and to create some new Odd Rod fans."
Playboy Collectors Card Information Site
Notes and statistical information on just about every kind of Playboy Card issued
SHI Trading Cards
A great resource for all SHI trading cards.
Sliders Cards
In 1997, Inkworks introduced a trading card set for the television show Sliders...
Star Wars Stores
Displays each and every one of the 330 Topps Star Wars cards and the 55 stickers released in 1977 and provides the opportunity for collectors and fans to see all cards and stickers in real size
Star Wars Trading Cards
Resource for anyone interested in collecting Star Wars trading cards.
Trading Card Hobbyist
"...web site for non-sport card collectors searching for current developments within the contemporary marketplace. The Hobbyist aims to complement the Internet and hard copy publications on which collectors rely for hobby information."
Bradys Cards
An avid trader who's site contains checklists for hundreds of non-sports releases and thousands of scans.

Usenet Newsgroups
Collectors, buyers, sellers, and traders all congregate here.
Discuss sports and non-sports trading cards.