Box Breakdown Statistics

July 24, 1997

Babylon 5 Series 2
48 packs of 8 cards, 60 card set

ManufacturerBox 1Box 2Box 3
Total Commons353339341335
Total Inserts31434443
Total Rejects
Total Cards384384385384
Total Sets5.94.940
TotalInsertOddsExpectedBox 1Box 2Box 3
2Laser Cut1:48-111
Card #33 often has a problem where the fingers of the 3s didn't print correctly. This is the reason for the rejected cards and why no sets were made from Box #3.

Babylon 5: Special Edition
Fleer/Skybox, 48 packs of 8 cards, 72 card set

ManufacturerBox 1Box 2Box 3Box 4
Total Commons225226224225225
Total Inserts6363646363
Total Rejects
Total Cards288289288288288
Total Sets3.1252.8752.942.932.83
TotalInsertOddsExpectedBox 1Box 2Box 3Box 4

Battlestar Galactica Deluxe
30 packs of 7 cards, 72 card set

ManufacturerBox 1Box 2
Total Commons207211207
Total Inserts333
Total Rejects
Total Cards210214210
Total Sets2.91.971.95
Need For Part Set723
TotalInsertOddsExpectedBox 1Box 2
6Gold Foil (GF)1:15222
4Big Boy (BB)1:box111
A nice set but the quantity of product promotions on the packaging and card backs is some-what a turn off.

James Bond Connoisseur's Collection Volume 2
36 packs of 7 cards, 90 card set

ManufacturerBox 1Box 2
Total Commons248246246
Total Inserts465
Total Rejects
Total Cards252252251
Total Sets212
TotalInsertOddsExpectedBox 1Box 2
?Women of Bond1:11333
?Metalworks Poster1:24121
?Golden Touch1:108-11
Due to a problem during manufacturing, every Metalworks Poster was damaged. The Women of Bond inserts also seem quite fragile. Thankfully Inkworks has an excellent replacement policy.

Lost World: Jurassic Park
Topps, 36 packs of 6 cards, 72 card set

ManufacturerBox 1Box 2
Total Commons216216216
Total Inserts363636
Total Rejects
Total Cards252252252
Total Sets32.972.99
TotalInsertOddsExpectedBox 1Box 2

Mars Attacks Widevision
36 packs of 9 cards, 72 card set

ManufacturerBox 1Box 2
Total Commons324324324
Total Inserts444
Total Rejects
Total Cards320320320
Total Sets4.413.6
TotalInsertOddsExpectedBox 1Box 2
Typical of every Topps release in the past year, the collation for the first box was terrible for making sets. Combined, I ended up with 5 sets and 4 to be completed.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Profiles
Fleer/Skybox, 36 packs of 8 cards, 82 card set

ManufacturerBox 1
Total Commons267268
Total Inserts2120
Total Rejects
Total Cards288288
Total Sets3.2682.987
TotalInsertOddsExpectedBox 1
9Quark's Quips1:31212
9Trials and Tribble-ations1:666
9Latinum Profiles1:1232

Star Trek: Next Generation Epsiode Season 6
24 packs of 11 cards, 108 card set

ManufacturerBox 1Box 2Box 3
Total Commons262261260262
Total Inserts2322
Total Rejects
Total Cards264266264264
Total Sets2.4.9x2*22
TotalInsertOddsExpectedBox 1Box 2Box 3
1SkyMotion1:box loose1111
1SkyMotion1:case loose0---
* Both sets can up short by 1 card - #585 all of which were damaged by an impact crease. The damaged cards in Box #2 were both miscut.

Star Trek: Voyager Season 2
48 packs of 8 cards, 100 card set

ManufacturerBox 1Box 2
Total Commons371.33369369
Total Inserts12.671212
Total Rejects
Total Cards384389390
Total Sets3.82.92.99
TotalInsertOddsExpectedBox 1Box 2
324th Century Tech1:12433
3Strange New Worlds1:182.6744
The distrubution of the insert cards was not as stated for the overall run. Would have had the proper number of sets if not for all the damaged cards. They are all damaged on the top where it looks like something slammed down hard on them.

Star Wars 3Di Widevision
36 packs of 3 cards, 63 card set

ManufacturerBox 1Box 2
Total Commons107107106
Total Inserts222
Total Rejects
Total Cards108108107
Total Sets1.71.61
Need For Part Set1925?
TotalInsertOddsExpectedBox 1Box 2
3Trilogy Promo1:box loose111
While these cards are very nifty, the price seems a bit extreme considering there are only 3 cards per pack. * There was obviously a problem cutting these cards since each copy of a card is centered differently with variations both horizontally and vertically. Keep in mind that I'm more nit-picky than most. This is a unique set of 3-D cards. I just don't think the market will bare too many of these per year considering pricing and packaging. Many other people found the collation of their boxes to be very poor and Topps is offering a limited time to swap up to 25 cards at a time.

Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition Widevision
36 packs of 9 cards, 72 card set

ManufacturerBox 1Box 2
Total Commons318318309
Total Inserts777
Total Rejects
Total Cards324324316
Total Sets4.54.53.6
TotalInsertOddsExpectedBox 1Box 2
6Laser Cut1:9444
13D1:box loose111
One of the two holograms in the first box has a printing defect where it looks like some dirt got in the machine when it was printed. I was disappointed that it looks like I was shorted a pack in the second box. Since I didn't count the packs and am only going by the total common card count, I can't say what happend.

X-Files Showcase Volume 1
36 packs of 9 cards, 72 card set

ManufacturerBox 1
Total Commons316.5317
Total Inserts7.57
Total Rejects
Total Cards324324
Total Sets4.43.9
Need For Part Set
TotalInsertOddsExpectedBox 1
6Laser Cut1:1232
As typical for a Topps Widevision set, there is no checklist. These cards are somewhat difficult to collate due to a strange numbering scheme where each episode is numbered 1-12 rather than having cards numbered 1-72