In an average week, we may participate in dozens of trades. After all, that's the best part of collecting. The Internet provides an excellent resource for contacting others and locating the remaining cards needed to complete your set.

Our policy is to trade one to one, a card you need for a card we need. Trading across sets is no problem as long as the difference in prices for chromiums, widevisions and other special issue cards is taken into account. In the event we can supply you more cards than you can trade us, we will accept additional duplicates in trade at a rate of two to one. This way your wasted extras can be traded for cards needed to complete a set.

To make trading quick and easy, email us the list of cards you have from our want list along with your own want list. Please be sure to check our extras list for a complete run down of the sets we can trade from.

We ask that all cards offered in trade be in mint condition since that is what you can expect from us unless otherwise noted up front. We reserve the right to refuse any trade offer.