Where Can I Find Those Promos

February 7, 1996

Star Wars Galaxy 1

Star Wars Galaxy Series 1 Jabba The HuttNo Number: Jabba The Hutt (#104)
NonSports Update Magazine v5#2
No Number: Princess Leia (#126)
NonSports Update Magazine v5#2
No Number: Boba Fett and Dengar (#101 zoomed out)
Classic Star Wars Comic #8
No Number: Stormtrooper on a dewback (#136)
No Number: 2 card sheet Leia and Stormtrooper on dewback
5 1/4" X 3 1/2", looks like the two separate cards side by side
Given out at the National Convention
#0: Darth Vader (SWG1 box art)
Included in Millenium Falcon Factory Set

Star Wars Galaxy 2

No Number: Evil Ewok (#266 except the Ewok on the scout's back has a knife)
No Number: Tusken Raider (#271)
Classic Star Wars Comic #20
No Number: Un-cut sheet AT-AT, Rancor, and Yoda (#222, #243, #262)
Preview Guide from Diamond Comics
P1: Rancor (#243)
P2: Luke building his lightsaber (#265)
NonSports Update v5#2
P3: Yoda floating near a Buddha like statue, pulled by Lucasfilm, rare
P4: Jawas (#228)
P5: Chewbacca and Han Solo (#261)
Cards Illustrated Magazine #6
P6: Boba Fett (#269)
DH1: Droid Battle
SW: Dark Lords of the Sith Comic #1
DH2: Boba Fett
Dark Empire Comic #2?
DH3: Millenium Falcon and a Star Destroyer
Dark Empire Comic #3?
SWB1: Tarkin and Vader
Only available with the binder

Star Wars Galaxy 3

000: Leia
P2: Snowtroopers
P3: Darth Vader
P4: Luke (not in set)

Star Wars Galaxy Magazine

SWGM1: Bespin Cloud Car
SWGM2: Imperial City
SWGM3: AT-AT and Snowspeeder
SWGM4: Luke on his X-Wing in a Dagobah swamp

Star Wars Widevision

SWP0: Han, Luke and Chewie Enter Final Ceremony
SWG2 Factory Set (November 1994)
SWP1: Stormtroopers Stop Landspeeder in Mos Eisley (#37)
NonSports Update Magazine and trade shows/conventions
SWP2: Interior Falcon Cockpit (#60)
Advance Comics from Capital City Comic Distributors
SWP3 SWP3: TIE Fighters in Death Star Trench (#105)
Topps Star Wars Galaxy Magazine #1 (October 1994)
SWP4: Exterior Star Destroyer (#2)
Wizard Magazine (January 1995)
SWP5: Vader Throttling Rebel (#8)
Tuff Stuff's Collect (January 1995)
SWP6: Leia & C3PO in Yavin IV Control Room (#107)
Cards Illustrated #14 (February 1995)
#00: Luke Outside X-Wing
SW Widevision collectors album (March 1995)
No Number: Han in Gunport (#79)
Previews Guide from Diamond Comic Distributors

Empire Strikes Back Widevision

#0: Vader in Meditation Chamber
Star Wars Galaxy Magazine
P1: Han Being Tortured
Advance Comics, Consumers
Non Sports Update Magazine
P3: Luke and Yoda
Collect Magainze
P4: Luke Hanging from a Platform
Combo Magazine
P5: Slave I
Low Quantity to Consumers
P6: Luke, Leia, C-3PO and R2-D2 End Scene
Wizard Guide to Comics

Return of the Jedi Widevision

X-Files Season 2

P1: Combo #12
P2: Exclusive offer from American Entertainment when you order The X-Files Magazine Limited Edition
P3: Advanced Comics #86 (February 1996)
P4: Cards Illuistrated #26 (February 1996) Different back than P1-P3
TXFM1: The X-Files Magazine #1 (P2 Chromium)