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Dec 2008
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Adapted from the legendary comic strip, THE SPIRIT is a classic action-adventure romance told on the big screen by genre-twister FRANK MILLER. It is the story of a former rookie cop who returns mysteriously from the dead as the SPIRIT to fight crime in the shadows of Central City.

Total print run of 500 cases. There are only 50 Samuel L. Jackson autographs.
The Spirit Premium Trading Cards captures all the action and amazing imagery of this ground-breaking feature film.

In addition to character cards and movie story cards, collectors can find several levels of randomly-inserted bonus card including: Autographs, Pieceworks®, Sketch, Spirit Of The City puzzle, Good Guys/Bad Guys, My City Screams, ans The Key to The City case loader. Retailer multi-case incentives include a dual Pieceworks® puzzle featuring the red tie and fedora hat worn by Gabriel Macht as The Spirit.

Sketch card artists include: Tone Rodriguez (102), Chris Moreno (246), Jeff Zugale (244), William O’Neill (238), Kevin Graham (203), Daniel Cooney (180), Tess Fowler (164), Chris Henderson (197), Bryan Morton (191), Nick "Nik" Neocleous (193), Steve Oatney (194), Sean Pence (196), Michael T. Sandborn (190), Jamie Snell (203), Kyle Babbitt (179), Benjamin Glendenning (207), Leah Mangue (161), Brian C. Kong (198), Otto Dieffenbach (197), Steven Miller (198), Corbett Vanoni (190), John Watkins-Chow (105), Leeahd Goldberg (93), and Randy Martinez (128).
Insert Cards
2Retailer Incentive
Retailer multi-case incentive Dual Pieceworks® puzzle featuring the red tie and fedora hat worn by Gabriel Macht as The Spirit
featuring one of a kind, hand-drawn sketches from 24 different artists
9Spirit Of The City
6Good Guys, Bad Guys1:17
3My City Screams1:24
1The Key To The City1:case

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