X-Men Movie

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Jun 24, 2000
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Don't miss a second of this fast-paced thriller! 72 super-premium action-packed cards tell the story of the film with heart-stopping photography and detailed scene-by-scene descriptions. Character cards take an in-depth look at the awesome heroes and villains of the film — Wolverine, Rogue, Professor X, Storm, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Mystique, Magneto and more! The excitement continues with a revealing subset that peeks "behind-the scenes" to show how some breathtaking sequences were created. Randomly inserted surprises include 10 X-Foil cards and 12 Static Clear-Cling puzzle-back cards that peel off and stick to any smooth surface.

Special Collector's Edition

Topps is also offering a Special Collector's Edition that features an entirely different set of insert cards. Exclusive to this hobby-only edition will be a 10-card double-sided Chromium insert set featuring the heroes and villains of the film using photos on one side and stellar artwork on the other. The collector's version also includes the hottest trend in trading cards — randomly inserted memorabilia cards. These 4 Movie Memorabilia cards feature genuine material used on the X-Men movie set for the creation of the main characters' costumes. To top it off, this special edition also includes randomly inserted autograph cards of all the big guns of the star-studded cast and crew: Patrick (Professor X) Stewart, Sir Ian (Magneto) McKellen, Hugh (Wolverine) Jackman, Famke (Jean Grey) Janssen, James (Cyclops) Marsden, Bruce (Senator Kelly) Davison, Tyler (Sabretooth) Mane, Bryan Singer (Director), Lauren Shuler Donner (Producer), and John Myhre (Production Designer).

Collectible Promo Cards

As a special preview, over 1 million Topps X-Men promo cards were distributed covering a huge area of existing and potential, new X-Men fans. Four different cards (shown above) were created using exclusive images of the key characters from the film, which form a puzzle when placed together. In a separate promotion, Topps provided over 2,000,000 all new X-Men cards to movie theaters showing Titan A.E. for the animated film's opening weekend. This exclusive card (#0) is titled "Mutants Among Us" and features the costumed cast of heroes and villains. The promotion was highlighted in a special blurb in major Titan A.E. newspaper advertising as well as in select television ads.

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