Monty Python and the Holy Grail

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Jun 19, 1996
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 Promo B
From the dreaded white rabbit to the man some call Tim, this new card series features one of Monty Python's zaniest films - The Holy Grail - on "very wide cards". Using digital transfer from the original film to transfer the entire picture as it was presented on the movie screen, these cards capture all of the film. All of the cards are high-quality, full-bleed, and UV-coated. So if you don't know the air velocity of the unladen swallow, this card set is for you!

6 Foil Knights (1:8) [K1 King Arthur; K2 Patsy; K3 Sir Bedevere; K4 Sir Galahad; K5 Sir Launcelot; K6 Sir Robin]
1 Holy Grail (1:432)
1 Monty Python Holy Grail CD-ROM Game Ad Card in each pack
If you aren't lucky enough to get a Holy Grail card, you can collect the 5 Knights and send them in for a Grail card. Your Knights will be returned to you.

Packaging: Display Box, Factory Set, Uncut Sheet (28"x38.5")

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