2009 American Heritage: American Heroes Edition

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Aug 26, 2008
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Topps American Heritage, the surprise hit of 2008, returns with an all-new American Heroes Edition featuring the most courageous, valiant, progressive and enlightened American women and men in our nation’s history!

    * 2 Autographed, Cut Signature, Patch, Relic, or Stamp cards per box!

Base Card Details
    * 150 heroic figures and events from past and present American history
    * 8 cards per pack
    * 10 from each group: military, political, civil rights, bravest, finest, groups & movements, huminatarian, diplomatic, and writers
    * 25 heroic American events
    * 25 kindred heroes featuring Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama

Parallel Card Details
    * First 100 American Hero base cards in Chrome technology
    * 8 per box
    * Chrome Parallels (Numbered to 1776)
    * Refractor Parallels (Numbered to 76)

Autograph Card Details
    * Heroes of Sport - 10 athletes
    * American Heroes - Fearless women and men
    * Oversized Autograph

Cut Signature Card Details
    * Heroes of Spaceflight - 25 space pioneers including Sally Ride and Neil Armstrong
    * Heroes of Sport - 10 athletes
    * American Heroes - 25 distinguished heroes including WWII Hero Jimmy Stewart (1-of-1)
          o Dual Signatures - Book cards featuring 2 historical figures
          o Quad Signatures - Book cards featuring 4 prominent historic figures
          o Signature Relics - 3 subjects highlighted on cards with their signature and a relic from an event or place

Patch Card Details
    * Heroes of Spaceflight Patches - All 28 manned Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo missions are commemorated with actual facsimile patches from each mission (Numbered to 61)

Relic Card Details
    * Heroes of Spaceflight Relics - 38 cards featuring authentic pieces from Apollo 11 & 15, Space Shuttle Columbia, Discovery, Endeavor, and others
    * American Heroism Relics - Featuring particular acts of heroism, these cards feature relics of FDR, Truman, other presidents, and heroes
    * A Hero's Journey Relics - Highlighting Lincoln's struggle, these cards feature mementos from him, including pieces from his house, law office, and the Civil War
    * American Heroes Relics - 10 American Heroes
    * Heroes of Sport Relics - 15 legends from baseball, football, and basketball

Stamp Card Details
    * A Hero's Journey Stamps - Features an actual postage stamp honoring Abraham Lincoln (20 different stamps numbered to 100)

Insert Card Details
    * 31 insert cards per box!
    * Medal of Honor - Honor fifty of America's most valiant warriors
    * Presidential Medal of Freedom - 25 honorees
    * Heroes of Spaceflight - Feature all 28 manned Mercury, Gemini, & Apollo flights with an image of each mission's patch along with its lift-off photo
    * A Hero's Journey - 15 cards honoring Abraham Lincoln from log cabin to Ford's Theatre
    * Heroes of Sport - 25 cards celebrating champions from pro, amateur, and Olympic arenas
    * Gold Parallel Inserts - Numbered to 199
    * Platinum Parallel Inserts - Numbered to 25
Insert Cards
14American Heroes Relic
(1:56, 1:214)
28American Heroism Relic
(1:328, 1:2875)
Heroes of Sport (10), American Heroes (10)
91Cut Signature
Heroes of Spaceflight (25), Heroes of Sports (10), American Heroes (25)
38Heroes of Spaceflight Relic
(1:58, 1:214)
15Heroes of Sports Relic1:234
20Hero's Journey Stamp
(numbered to 100)
28Heroes of Spaceflight Patch
mini patches of space missions (numbered to 61)
200Chrome Parallel
Chrome (100)(numbered to 1776), Refractor (100)(numbered to 76)
5Heroes of Sports Dual Relic1:8200
5Heores of Journey Relic1:12100
2Heroes of Sports 8 Piece Relic1:191448

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