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Oct 28, 2009
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Swing into action this fall when Rittenhouse Archives presents Spider-Man Archives Trading Cards. This 81-card collection will focus on the first 100 issues of The Amazing Spider-Man! Each box will feature 1 Hand-Drawn, Color Sketch Card from over 99 different artists including legendary Silver Age Spider-Man artist John Romita Sr!

Artists include: Adam Cleveland (Limited), Alcione da Silva (Extremely Limited), Alexandre Benhossi (Limited), Alexandre Magno (Very Limited), Allison Borges (Extremely Limted), Andre Toma (Very Limited), Andrei Bressan (Limited), Andy Carreon (Extremely Limited), Anthony Castrillo (Extremely Limited), Anthony Tan (Extremely Limited), Anthony Wheeler (Very Limited), Benjamin Glendenning (Extremely Limited), Blair Shedd (Very Limited), Bob Koya (Extremely Limited), Bob McLeod (Extremely Limited), Brandon Kenney (Extremely Limited), Brent Schoonover (Extremely Limited), Brian Kong (Limited), Brian Postman (Limited), Brian Shearer (Very Limited), Bryan "Flash" Turner (Scarce), Buddy Prince (Limited), Butch Mapa (Very Limited), Carlo Sinfuengo Soriano (Extremely Limited), Cat Staggs (Extremely Limited), Charles Hall (Extremely Limited), Chris Bradberry (Very Limited), Chris Gutierrez (Extremely Limited), Craig Yeung (Very Limited), Dan Quiles (Very Limited), Daniel Campos (Scarce), Daniel Cooney (Extremely Limited), Daniel HDR (Very Limited), Darren Chandler (Very Limited), Darryl Banks (Extremely Limited), Dennise Crisostomo (Extremely Limited), Don Hillsman II (Extremely Limited), Doug Cowan (Extremely Limited), Edde Wagner (Very Limited), Eddie Vieira (Extremely Limited), Eduardo Ferrara (Very Limited), Erik Maell (Extremely Limited), Fabio Cerqueira (Extremely Limited), Felipe Massafera (Extremely Limited), Gabe Hernandez (Scarce), George Calloway (Extremely Limited), George Davis (Extremely Limited), Henrique Bittencourt (Extremely Limited), Igor Cicarini (Extremely Limited), James Bukauskas (Extremely Limited), Jason Davies (Extremely Limited), Jason Potratz and Jack Hai (Very Limited), Jason Sobol (Very Limited), Javier Gonzalez (Scarce), Jennifer Mercer (Scarce), Jerry Gaylorde (Extremely Limited), Jim Kyle (Very Limited), Joe Pekar (Extremely Limited), Joe Rubinstein (Very Limited), John Czop (Extremely Limited), John Jackman (Extremely Limited), John Watkin-Chow (Extremely Limited), John Romita (Scarce), Justin Chung (Scarce), Kathryn Layno (Extremely Limited), Katie Cook (Scarce), Kevin West (Scarce), Kristin Allen (Very Limited), Lee Kohse (Extremely Limited), Leeahd Goldberg (Extremely Limited), Lui Antonio (Limited), Marcelo Ferreira (Very Limited), Mark Dos Santos (Extremely Limited), Mark Spears (Very Limited), Michael "Axebone" Potter (Extremely Limited), Newton Barbosa (Extremely Limited), Nicole Goff (Extremely Limited), OAK (Very Limited), Patrick Larcada (Scarce), Randy Martinez (Limited), Randy Monces (Extremely Limited), Rhiannon Owens (Limited), Rich Molinelli (Extremely Limited), Rob Granito (Extremely Limited), Rock Barcellos (Extremely Limited), Roger Medeiros (Extremely Limited), Ron Wilson (Extremely Limited), Ryan Orosco (Extremely Limited), Sanna Umemoto (Extremely Limited), Scott Barnett (Very Limited), Scott Rosema (Very Limited), Sonny Strait (Very Limited), Steven Miller (Extremely Limited), Tess Fowler (Scarce), Thony Sillas (Very Limited), Tim Shay (Scarce), Tone Rodriguez (Scarce), Uko Smith (Very Limited), Yildiray Cinar (Extremely Limited)
Key: <50 = (Scarce) - 50-150 = (Extremely Limited) - 151-250 = (Very Limited) - 251+ = (Limited)

Bonus chase cards will include a 81-card parallel set (1:3), 9 "Rogues Gallery" lenticular motion cards featuring Spider-Man's dangerous foes (1:12), 9 "Allies" featuring all-new original painted art (1:8), and 9 "Swing-Into-Action" inserts featuring our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man(1:24).

For every 6 cases, retailers receive an exclusive painted water-color/gouche by John Haun. Customers pre-ordering 9 cases receive a hand-painted card from Any Price. For every 18 cases purchased retailers receive a Spider-Man Archives archive box which includes 30 random sketch cards.

Collectors can store their set in the custom designed album, featuring 9-pocket pages and an exclusive promo card!
Insert Cards
1Case Topper
Only 350 Made
9Rogues Gallery
lenticular motion of Spider-Man's dangerous foes
1Reatiler Incentive (6)
exclusive hand-painted Jason Potratz or Jack Hai sketch
1Retailer Incentive (18)
Spider-Man Archives archive box

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