Conan Movies Autograph Expansion Set

Rittenhouse Archives Ltd
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Mar 04, 2009
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Sharpen your swords and prepare for battle! Rittenhouse Archives is pleased to announce its latest trading card set from the world of Conan, Conan Movies Autograph Expansion Trading Set! Only 333 sets will be made world-wide and each set comes with 5 autograph cards and 3 character sets. Collectors will find autograph cards from

    * James Earl Jones (Thulsa Doom in “Conan The Barbarian”)
    * Mako (Akiro The Wizard in “Conan The Barbarian” and “Conan The Destroyer” who passed away in 2006)
    * Ben Davidson (Rexor in “Conan The Barbarian”) (also played with Oakland in NFL)
    * Cassandra Gava (The Witch in “Conan The Barbarian”)
    * Sarah Douglas (Queen Taramis in “Conan The Destroyer”)

As an exciting bonus, for every 10 sets ordered, you will also receive a FREE Arnold Schwarzenegger/Conan cut signature autograph card!
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