Star Trek Movies In Motion

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Dec 10, 2008
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 Promo P1 (Lenticular )General Distribution
The 60-card, all-lenticular base set will cover all 10 Star Trek Movies capturing your favorite scenes in breath-taking lenticular motion.

The autograph line-up for this series continues where "The Complete Star Trek Movies" left off. Each box will contain 2 AUTOGRAPH CARDS from some of Hollywood's top stars and many first time Star Trek signers.

• Patrick Stewart as Captain "Jean-Luc Picard in "Star Trek Generations"
• Kirstie Alley as Lt. Saavik in "STII: The Wrath of Khan"
• James Cromwell as Zefram Cochrane in "STVIII: First Contact"
• Christopher Plummer as General Chang in "STVI: The Undiscovered Country"
• Nichelle Nichols as Lt. Uhura in "Star Trek: The Motion Picture"
• Alice Krige as Borg Queen in "Star Trek: First Contact"
• David Warner as Chancellor Gorkon in "STVI: The Undiscovered Country"
• Majel Barrett as Dr. Christine Chapel in "Star Trek: The Motion Picture"
• Marina Sirtis as Counselor Troi in "Star Trek: Nemesis"
• Tim Russ as Enterprise-B Tactical Lieutenant in "Star Trek: Generations"
• Laurence Luckinbill as Sybok in "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier"
• Eric Steinberg as Paul Porter in "Star Trek: First Contact"
• Ron Moore as (Writer) in "Star Trek Generations"
• Nicholas Guest as Enterprise Trainee in "STII: The Wrath of Khan"
• Rosana DeSoto as Azetbur in "STVI: The Undiscovered Country"
• Robert Easton as Klingon Judge in "STVI: The Undiscovered Country"
• Stephen Liska as Torg in "STIII:The Search For Spock"
• Michael Welch as Artim in "Star Trek: Insurrection"
• Don Stark as Nicky The Nose in "Star Trek: First Contact"
• Barbara March as Lursa in "Star Trek: Generations"
• Gwyneth Walsh as B'Etor in "Star Trek: Generations"
• Stephanie Niznik as Perim in "Star Trek: Insurrection"
• Jacqueline Kim as Ensign Demora Sulu in "Star Trek: Generations"
• Alfre Woodard as Lily Sloane in "Star Trek: First Contact"
• Roger Aaron Brown as Epsilon IX Technician in "Star Trek: The Motion Picture"
• Jeremy Roberts as Lt. Cmdr. Dmitri Valtane in "STVI: The Undiscovered Country"
• Thomas Kopache as Enterprise-B Communications Officer in "Star Trek: Generations"

Rounding out the chase cards are several exciting sets including :

    * 12 Star Trek Movie Stars In Motion (1:2 Packs)
    * 16 Star Trek Movie: Portrait Cards (1:8 Packs)
    * 10 The Quotable Star Trek Movies (1:12 Packs)

Leonard Nimoy Autograph Card
For every three cases purchased of Star Trek Movie In Motion Trading Cards you will receive an Exclusive Autograph Card signed by Grace Lee Whitney as CPO Janice Rand in "Star Trek: The Motion Picture". For every six cases purchased you will receive an Exclusive Autograph Card signed by Leonard Nimoy as Spock in "Star Trek: The Motion Picture".

Fans and collectors will also be able to store their collection in a custom designed collector's album which contains an exclusive autograph card of James B. Sikking as Captain Styles in "STIII: The Search For Spock" and an exclusive promo card.
Insert Cards
12Stars In Motion1:2
10Quotable Star Trek Movies1:12
1Case Topper
13-Case Incentive
16-Case Incentive

Promo P1 (Lenticular )General Distribution | Box | Sell Sheet | Sell Sheet (back) | Autograph A41 James Cromwell | Autograph A44 Patrick Stewart | Autograph A45 David Warner | Autograph A48 Laurence Luckinbill | Autograph A51 Grace Lee Whitney (3-Case Retailer Incentive) | Autograph A52 Eric Steinberg | Autograph A53 Ron Moore | Autograph A54 Nicholas Guest | Autograph A55 Alex Henteloff | Autograph A57 Christopher Plummer | Autograph A57 Robert Easton | Autograph A58 Rosana DeSoto | Autograph A62 Stephen Liska | Autograph A64 Michael Welch | Autograph A65 Roger Aaron Brown | Autograph A66 Marina Sirtis | Autograph A67 Thomas Kopache | Autograph A68 Don Stark | Autograph A69 Barbara March | Autograph A70 Gwyneth Walsh | Autograph A71 Stephanie Niznik | Autograph A72 Jacqueline Kim | Autograph A73 Tim Russ | Autograph A75 Rif Hutton | Autograph A76 Dendrie Taylor | Stars In Motion C01 Kirk | Stars In Motion C02 Spock | Stars In Motion C03 McCoy | Stars In Motion C04 Scotty | Stars In Motion C05 Sulu | Stars In Motion C06 Uhura | Stars In Motion C07 Chekov | Stars In Motion C08 Picard | Stars In Motion C09 Data | Stars In Motion C10 Troi | Stars In Motion C11 Riker | Stars In Motion C12 Worf | Portraits Por01 Kirk | Portraits Por02 Spock | Portraits Por03 McCoy | Portraits Por04 Scotty | Portraits Por05 Uhura | Portraits Por06 Chekov | Portraits Por07 Sulu | Portraits Por08 Chapel | Portraits Por09 Rand | Portraits Por10 Picard | Portraits Por11 Data | Portraits Por12 Riker | Portraits Por13 Troi | Portraits Por14 Crusher | Portraits Por15 Worf | Portraits Por16 LaForge | Quotable Star Trek Movies Q01 | Quotable Star Trek Movies Q02 | Quotable Star Trek Movies Q03 | Quotable Star Trek Movies Q04 | Quotable Star Trek Movies Q06 | Quotable Star Trek Movies Q07 | Quotable Star Trek Movies Q08 | Quotable Star Trek Movies Q09 | Quotable Star Trek Movies Q10

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