Wizard of Oz Series 2

Breygent Marketing Inc
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General Audiences
Release Date
May 2007
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Insert Cards
 18K Gold Painted Cel Sketch
by Kevin Graham
1Autograph (3"x5")
signed by Margaret Pellegrini (Sleepy-Head) & Donna Jean Johnson (Child Munchkin)
Only 99 Made
2Autograph (5"x7")
62 signed by Donna Jean Johnson (Child Munchkin)
19 signed by Jerry Maren (Lollipop Guild)
wagon wheel seen leaning against the barn
1Six Case Incentive
5"x7" Autograph
Only 59 Made
hand-drawn by Brian Kong, Jeff Chandler, Chris Henderson, Corbett Vanoni, Cynthia Cummens, Dave Fox, Dennis Budd, Jess Hickman, Jim Kyle, Kevin Graham, Kyle Babbitt, Leah Mangue, Michael Kraiger, Rich A. Molinelli, Rowena Pagarigan, Sean Pence, Steven Miller, Connie Persampieri, Scott Houseman

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