Stargate SG-1 Season 8

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Mar 01, 2006
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With Anubis' fleet destroyed, newly promoted General Jack O'Neill takes over command of the Stargate program. Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter now leads SG-1 as they struggle to help the rebelling Jaffa warriors and face the return of an enemy they thought dead. In February, remember all of the great adventures, the sacrifices and new discoveries with Stargate SG-1 Season 8 Trading Cards.

As part of its reward progam, Rittenhouse offered an excluse 10th card for the Twisted chase set, TW10, for 500 reward points.
Insert Cards
P1 General Distribution
P2 Non-Sport Update Magazine
P3 Album Exclusive
UK UK Promo
9-card set looking into the alternate reality or future versions of the SG-1 Team.
9Personnel Files
Look into the classified top-secret personnel files of the members of Stargate Command including a sneak peak into season 9!
PF1 General Jack O'Neill
PF2 Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter
PF3 Dr. Daniel Jackson
PF4 Teal'c
PF5 General George Hammond
PF6 Dr. Fraiser
PF7 Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell
PF8 General Hank Landry
PF9 Dr. Carolyn Lam
1Action Figure Promo1:40
A62 Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Turghan (Limited)
A63 Sam Jones as Aris Boch
A64 Kevin McNulty as Dr. Warner
A65 Michael Welch as Young Jack O'Neill
A66 Alisen Down as Dr. Brightman
A67 Claudia Black as Vala (Very Limited)
A69 Peter Williams as Apophis (Limited)
A71 William de Vry as Aldwin
A72 Mel Harris as Oma Desala
A73 Isaac Hayes as Tolok (Very Limited)
A75 Charles Shaughnessy as Alec Colson
A76 Dan Castellaneta as Joe Spencer (Very Limited)
A78 George Dzundza as Jim/Anubis
Costume cards include costumes worn by an amazing selection of cast and key guest stars including:
C28 Jonas Quinn from "The Changeling"
C29 Dr. Daniel Jackson from "Beneath The Surface"
C30 Colonel O'Neill from "Full Circle"
C31 Teal'C from "Beneath The Surface"
C32 Major Kawalsky from "Point of View"
C33 Urgo from "Urgo"
C34 Kasuf from "Forever In a Day"
6In Motion
The return of the Stargate In Motion™ lenticular cards! This 6-card set features General O'Neill, Teal'c and Dr. Jackson.
Due to circumstances beyond our control we are unable to include the Stargate In Motion chase cards within the boxes this release. We will redeem one random lenticular In Motion card for each UPC code sent in while supplies last.
Featuring pieces of actual show props. Each card will be individually numbered for added collectability.
R10 Kelownan Files and Papers from the episode Fallout
R11 Map from the episode Prophecy
R12 Alien Newspaper from the episdoe Memento
R13 Mission Report from the episode Fallen/Homecoming
R14 Operations Manual for the Sebrus from the episode Space Race
Kelownan Files and Papers from "Fallout"
Map from "Prophecy"
Alien Newspaper from "Memento"
Mission Report from "Fallen/Homecoming"
Operations Manual for the Sebrus from "Space Race"
2Kneel Before Your God
G2 Apophis
1Case Topper
C35 Apophis from the episode The Changeling
1Multi-Case Incentive 1
DA2 Christopher Judge as Teal'c and Tony Amendola as Bra'tac
1Multi-Case Incentive 2
DA3 Claudia Black as Vala and Michael Shanks as Dr. Daniel Jackson

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