Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Update

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Update set #91 - #180
Insert Cards
01 Hogwarts; silver foil
02 Harry & Hermione in snow; silver foil
03 Harry casting spell; silver foil
04 Hermione, Buckbeak, & Harry in trees; silver foil
9Prismatic Foil (Hobby)
R1 The Hogwarts™ Express
R2 Waiting for Sirius Black™
R3 Hogsmeade™ Blanketed in Snow
R4 A Stormy Quidditch™ Match
R5 Chasing the Golden Snitch™
R6 Surrounded by Dementors™
R7 The Grim
R8 A Fully Grown Werewolf
R9 A True Patronus
9Prismatic Foil (Retail)
M01 A Stormy Quidditch Match
M02 Chasing the Golden Snitch
M03 Surrounded by Dementors
M04 The Grim
M05 A Fully Grown Werewolf
M06 A True Patronus
M07 Hedwig
M08 Quidditch
M09 Buckbeak
2Costume (Retail)
George Weasley's Quidditch Costume (2803)
Harry Potter's Cloak (2575)
19Costume (Hobby)
Cedric Diggory / Harry Potter Quidditch Robes (628)
Aunt Marge's Jacket (430)
Cedric Diggory's Hufflepuff Quidditch Robe (2173)
Cornelius Fudge's Coat (830)
Draco Malfoy's Black Robe (628)
Gryffindor House Tie (330)
Harry Potter's Cardigan / Sweater (2173)
Harry Potter's Close-Up Quidditch Robe (2173)
Harry Potter's Distant Quidditch Robe (with Snitch) (1143)
Hermione's Pink Top / Sweater (628)
Hermione's Wooly Sweater / Scarf (730)
Hermione's Trousers (730)
Madame Rosmerta's Brown Top (250)
Neville Longbottom's Black Cloak (1170)
Remus Lupin's Jacket (2900)
Remus Lupin's Shirt (834; grey or black)
Ron's Jumper (731)
Slytherin House Tie (380)
Sybil Trelawney's Grey Top / Dress (330)
9Cinema Film Cels (Hobby)
Buckbeak's Flight (900)
Harry and Owl in courtyard (900)
Harry and Snape (900)
Harry casts Patronus (900)
Hermione's Punch (900)
Knight Bus (900)
Lupin and dementors in classroom (with window) (900)
Lupin as Werewolf (900)
Mr Arthur Weasley and Harry (900)
10Props (Hobby)
Daily Prophet, The (480)
Divination Class (Floor Scene, 930)
Divination Class (Student Tables, 845)
Fizzing Whizzbees (430)
Marauder's Map, The (500)
Sleeping Bag (1960)
Unfogging the Future (930)
Wanted Poster (335)
Buckbeak's Feather (390)
Grim Fur (880)
16Autograph (Hobby)
Daniel Radcliffe / Emma Watson / Rupert Grint (<100)
Daniel Radcliffe - Harry Potter (<100)
Rupert Grint - Ron Weasley (150)
Emma Watson - Hermione (150)
James Phelps / Oliver Phelps (300)
David Bradley - Argus Filch (425)
Warwick Davis - The Choir Conductor (425)
Pamela Ferris - Aunt Marge (by redemption) (425)
Dawn French - The Fat Lady (425)
Jimmy Gardner - Ernie Prang (by redemption) (425)
Genevieve Gaunt - Pansy Parkinson (425)
Richard Griffiths - Uncle Vernon (by redemption) (425)
Lee Ingleby - Stan Shunpike (425)
Harry Melling - Dudley Dursley (425)
Chris Rankin - Percy Weasley (425)
Jaime Waylett - Vincent Crabbe (425)
4Box Topper (Hobby)
BT1 Drowning in Cold
BT2 Disquieting Guests
BT3 Too Weak to Move
BT4 No One's Coming, Harry…
3Case Topper
Flying on Buckbeak™
Confronting Draco
Sirius Black Locked Up
5Dealer Case Incentive
Hermione's Black Robe (830, U.K.)
Harry Potter's Grey T-Shirt (475)
The Monster Book of Monsters (310; 10 cases)
The Whomping Willow (172; 25 cases)
David Best as The Executioner (autograph; 25 cases)

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