Mega Man

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Mar 2004
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Set in the not too distant future, when the world is filled with robot creations. Dr. Light is the
pre-eminent robot designer of his time and MEGA MAN is his greatest creation. The boy robot, armed with his signature weapon, the Mega-Buster, time and again saves the universe from diabolical forces. MEGA MAN was originally created by Dr. Light as a peaceful household robot, but when the evil Dr. Wiley began to attempt world conquest, MEGA MAN was modified, upgraded and turned into the world's greatest battle robot. However, he retains the heart, soul and exuberance of an eager, youthful boy. Artbox Entertainment is very proud to be a part of the American launch of Mega Man Trading Cards. Artbox Entertainment is known nationwide for their incredible runs of best selling trading card products and will now once again redefine the anime card market here in the states. Collectors can expect the same type of quality products that they have seen for years now from Artbox. To start this new launch off, Artbox is proud to present this brand new trading card set! Along with the 45 basic card set, collectors will find 9 Special Foil chase cards randomly inserted!
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