Star Wars Trilogy Widevision

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Feb 04, 1997
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The retail version of the Trilogy Special Edition Widevision, this set reprints the best cards from the 3 Topps Star Wars Widevision sets. Inserts include 6 Topps Laser Cut (1:6)

[#1 Luke Skywalker is entranced as part of a holographic message for help from princess Leia is projected by a reluctant R2D2]
[#2 Han Solo and co-pilot Chewbacca set the Milennium Falcon on a course through hyper space, Aiming for the planet Alderaan]
[#3 Admiral Ozzel feels Darth Vader's wrath for a tactical error that alerts the Rebel Alliance to the Empire's discovery of it's Hoth base]
[#4 A hologram of the emperor Palpatine discusses with Darth Vader a wrinkle in the force: the rise of a new threat, Luke Skywalker]
[#5 A fate much worse than death awaits all those fed to the Sarlacc at the pit of Carkoon in the wastelands of Tatooine's Dune Sea]
[#6 Emperor Palpatin unleases one of his ultimate weapons, bolts of blue force energy that shoots from his fingers to destroy his enemies]
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