Star Wars 3D Widevision

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Feb 25, 1997
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 Motion 1m Death Star Explosion
This 63 card set made with an all new 3Di process, presented in the acclaimed Topps Widevision Format, is comprised of all-new images, never before seen in any card series. Watch the Death Star explode again and again on a Multi-Motion chase card (1:36). Also be sure to look out for 1 of 3 Star Wars Trilogy: Special Edition Promo Cards [P4, P5, P6] in each box (on top of packs).

Star Wars 3-D Widevision was previewed as the ultra-rare "Admiral Ackbar" chase card in the Return of the Jedi Widevision card series. Plus, an all-new Star Wars 3-D promo card was inserted in Star Wars Galaxy Magazine #9.

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