James Bond Connoisseur 3

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Sep 10, 1997
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    In Volume Three (#181-270), Inkworks has boldly captured the spirit and magic of all five Bonds and put them into its third and final installment of this amazing series. The cards highlight six Bond classics of the 80's: For Your Eyes Only, Octopussy, A View to a Kill, The Living Daylights, License to Kill and GoldenEye, and offer collectors a once in a lifetime chance to complete this award-winning series.
    For the first time, a special "Bond Behind the Scenes" subset includes classic, rarely seen images from 35 years of Bond films, with a special focus on Sean Connery. It's a must have for Bond fans and collectors alike. As an added Inkworks' bonus, fans and collectors get an exclusive sneak peek at Tomorrow Never Dies, the 18th Bond film scheduled to open Christmas 1997.
    The James Bond Legacy contains brand new subsets that make Inkworks Connoisseur Collection the most comprehensive trading card series available anywhere. The subsets include "The Dalton Compendium" (Back to Basics), "The Brosnan Files" (The 90's and Beyond), and the highly anticipated "Friends and Foes" (Unforgettable characters that we love and love to hate).
    The 90-card third volume sports full-bleed color photos and unique images (front and back), 18-point stock, each foil-stamped with dual UV-coating. To top off the most celebrated trading card series ever published is the return of the bonus card sets including 9 "The Women of Bond" (1:11), 5 "The Movie Posters of Bond" (1:24) and 1 spectacular gold-foil coated and embossed "Golden Touch of Bond" card (1:108) featuring Pierce Brosnan in the most successful Bond movie of all time, GoldenEye.
Collectors will have an exclusive opportunity to receive a limited addition Platinum version of either Sean Connery (Volume One) or Pierce Brosnan (Volume Three) Goldworks cards (approximately one in every three cases). This continues the Platinum Program which began unintentionally when a few Roger Moore platinum cards were accidentally inserted into Volume Two boxes. All cards in Volume Three, as in every Inkworks series, carry the special Inkworks guarantee which assures collectors that each display box contains defect-free cards and a complete set (90 cards) or Inkworks will replace them immediately.
    The James Bond Connoisseur's Collection retails at $1.99 for a 007-card pack.

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boxJames Bond Connoisseur Vol 3$52.00 Add To Cart
insertJames Bond Connoisseur Vol 3 G3 Golden Touch: Pierce Brosnan$38.00 Add To Cart
insertJames Bond Connoisseur Vol 3 W21 Women of Bond: Octopussy$9.00 Add To Cart
insertJames Bond Connoisseur Vol 3 W23 Women of Bond: Stacey Sutton$9.00 Add To Cart
insertJames Bond Connoisseur Vol 3 W26 Women of Bond: Lupe Lamora & Pam Bouvier$9.00 Add To Cart
insertJames Bond Connoisseur Vol 3 W27 Women of Bond: Natalya Simonova$9.00 Add To Cart
setJames Bond Connoisseur Vol 3$18.00 Add To Cart

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